Since 1969 UDAC has been working towards it's vision to create a community where opportunity is accessible to individuals of all abilities; one person, one career, one possibility at a time.  That means 2019 marks 50 years with them still going strong and helping individuals in the community.

Their 50th anniversary party will be celebrated at Northland Country Club and is presented by the Bullyan Family.  The night will focus on paying tribute to special moments throughout UDAC's history that helped make them what they are today.

The celebration will feature a silent auction and social, live music, and dinner with a program.  This event is more than just a celebration, it's also a fundraiser with a goal of raising $75,000 to help with a new program called "Teach me Kitchen", that will further benefit those in our community.

The 50th anniversary celebration takes place on Tuesday, September 24th, from 4:30PM-8:30PM and is $100.00 per person that includes your meal and entertainment and helps out a good cause.  You can get more information on this and all that UDAC does, here.

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