In the Twin Ports we had some bouts of early motorcycle riding weather.  I myself only got out for a blast around the block, but many were able to enjoy the early summer feeling temps.  With snow in the forecast for this weekend, there probably won't be many bikes out but within the next month there will be plenty.

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I know some people who don't ride get sick of hearing "watch for motorcycles", but the reason it needs to be said is because bikers get killed every year.  Yes, some aren't the fault of car drivers on the road, but enough are.  The inattentive driving seems to have gotten worse in our world of mobile phones and even with the laws to stay off of them, everyone doesn't.  Even if you don't ride, most people know and care about someone who does.

The 12th Annual Motorcycle Awareness Rally is on Sunday, May 2nd from 1:00-3:00PM.  May is officially Motorcycle Awareness Month, so it's a good time for it, right before major riding season in our area.

You're invited to join the event happening at Campbell Lumber located at 3107 Tower Avenue in Superior, WI.  Bring your friends and family and take a stand on the sidewalk to help alert the public that motorcyclists are back on the road.  The event is rain or shine and if you want more information on how to help out you can call 715-919-0270.  For more information on motorcycle accident statistics you can check them out with the National Safety Council HERE.

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