Zeitgeist is quite a unique place in Duluth that I don't get to as much as I'd like.  The food in the restaurant is good and the selection of films they feature at the Zinema is ever changing and welcomed.  Plus the classic films they often feature are a great way to bring people together.

Tonight, Saturday, May 18th is their annual fundraiser.  It's called "Spirit of the Times" and is always a huge party.  It includes food, drinks, live music, improv comedy, auction items and even a dance party.  Zeitgeist is a non-profit entity so raising funds is crucial to keep things rolling and work towards their goal of helping to build a connected, healthy, and creative community.  They do so much for local artists and independent film makers too.

Tonight the party starts at 6PM and it does cost $85 per person but it's a steal of a price for what you get out of the evening.  Apps, drinks, and the silent auction all happen before 8PM and then the arts programming and live auction start.  At 9PM there is more food and the dance party begins.  You can get more information about the event tonight and other unique Zeitgeist events here.

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