As we are now into the holiday season that means holiday music.  While it may get old after a while hearing it in stores over the speakers as you shop, sometimes it nice to catch a holiday concert.  Live music is generally better anyway, right?

The West Branch of the Duluth Public Library is having live holiday music this week and it's totally free.  This show is family friendly for all ages and will feature a performance from Zachary Scot Johnson.  You may recognize his name or you may not but he is a nationally touring singer, songwriter, and performer.  Zach will play a lot of the holiday classics but also some lesser know tunes.  The music will be performed on all kinds of instruments to keep it extra interesting.

If you're interested in attending it will be this Tuesday night, the 4th of December, at 6PM at the West Branch of the Duluth Library located at 5830 Grand Avenue.  Check out the Duluth Library's full list of events here.

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