Everyday more and more Americans are getting one of the several available COVID-19 vaccines.  Though, with several on the market, you might have some questions as to what one is right for you.

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Health experts have stated that getting the vaccine from any of the available brands is still better than not.  There is however lots of questioning as to the safety of getting it.  As much as social media will tell you that people are afraid because of it having some hidden tracker, or that COVID-19 is just another flu and you don't need it.  There are many who are afraid because of how quickly a vaccine was developed and put into use.

I had it, because for me, much like the Polio vaccine, I feel everything helps.  It's also hard for me to believe that there is some global conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.  I also want to go to concerts, quit wearing a stupid mask, and enjoy life like we are meant to.  I won't lie though, there are some thoughts in the back of my mind on how safe it really is.  I figure the good outweighs the bad, which is what health experts claim.  So what about if you still have questions and concerns?  There are forums to help answer those questions and assist you in making an informed choice.

On Tuesday, May 25th from 1:00PM-2:00PM, there will be a free online forum session.  It's put on by St. Luke's and will feature a panel of well educated medical professionals to answer questions and contribute in a forum to help you make an informed decision that is best for you.  You can register to be part of this event HERE.

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