Have you ever come across a syringe in public and didn't know what to do? This reminder is for you.

The Duluth Police Department issued a warning on their Facebook page Thursday, offering up an explanation of what community members should do if they come across this situation.

According to their post, you should call the new SHARPS HOTLINE. This hotline is available 24 hours a day every day of the week. A volunteer will ask your location and then arrive to pick up the syringe. The number is 218-730-4001.

At this time last year, the Cloquet Police Department shared some sad news: they had been seeing a growing trend of finding hypodermic needles littered across the community. This includes public places like city parks and playgrounds.

The Duluth Police Department issued another warning recently. They advised residents to take a few simple steps before leaving out of town to ensure that they don't become a victim of theft.

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