As we know, the last year has been one where sharing events together has been tough.  The COVID-19 pandemic has been a road block for many social activities especially ones with those outside of your immediate family circle.  It's been tough, especially for those like me who are a little more extroverted and rely on that in-person human interaction.

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The internet has been a help though, allowing many to still socialize and at least get that human connection to a point.  For a while, at least until more vaccinations can be rolled out, it's become a way of life, using Zoom and other platforms to stay connected.

Working together, Ecolibrium3, Community Action Duluth, Duluth Community Garden Program and the Duluth Children’s Museum are hosting the inaugural Stone Soup Night.  The event, which will hopefully become annual and in-person, encourages social connectedness by providing take-home soup kits to make an affordable, nutritious soup, safely at home with family or friends.  Not only will it be something to do with the family, the soup making will be a good way to get the kids involved with cooking for an educational experience too.

You can pick up the Stone Soup Kit ingredients on Saturday, February 27th from 6:00-8:00PM.  They will be available at the Community Action Duluth Mobile Market in the Duluth Children's Museum parking lot.  They invite you to then join them on Zoom, to enjoy the soup as a community on Sunday, February 28th.  You can purchase your soup kits online before the event HERE.

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