You're probably asking yourself why is a guy named Joe Danger writing about safety related things.  Part of the reason is I've done a lot of stupid stuff, so I'm kind of an expert in what not to do.  I also, like many others, don't want to see anyone get hurt.  Unless of course it's the kind of slap-stick getting hurt that isn't life threatening but is still pretty funny.

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While Labor Day is to pay tribute to American workers, for many it's what they consider the end of summer.  That means cleaning up cabin properties and bringing in the docks, having a big BBQ, or even one last big vacation with the family for the year.

However you decide to spend what is hopefully a three day weekend for you, make sure you keep yourself and your loved ones safe.  Keep in mine that boating safety if you are doing that end of season lake partying.  It shouldn't even need to be said, but every year during this weekend there are accidents involving boating safety.  In line with that is the drinking and operating a watercraft, the tolerance for that is pretty minimal, so assign a designated boat captain.

Along the lines of partying, you might have some left-over Fourth of July fireworks laying around.  Labor Day weekend is always a time that you'll hear and see plenty of those firing off.  If you are using them, keep in mind basic firework safety but keep extra in mind how dry of a summer we have had.  You don't want to be the one burning down the woods or even your own cabin or house.  Speaking of water, make sure you stay hydrated whether you are partying or just out in the sun, and keep that sun screen handy.  I've had many a September sunburns that were preventable.  I can't possibly cover every thing you might be doing this upcoming weekend, but whatever you do, keep it safe for yourself and your family.

Signs That Summer Is Over In The Minnesota + Wisconsin

Just as fast as it arrives - it's over. But what defines its end point?

People who live in the Midwest have come to fully-appreciate and embrace the four seasons. Spring, summer, fall, winter - each have their highlights. That's why we're always so sad to see each one end. Or are we?

Forget the calendar. Here are the true signs that the summer season is over for folks who live in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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