I'm not really good at the whole Christmas thing.  Growing up not celebrating it had me in the dark for years on how it's all done.  For better or worse, my girlfriend thinks it's the most wonderful time of the year so it's a big deal at our place.  In an effort to spread cheer, I'm trying my best to help things along.

I really only have two stockings I need to tend to, unless I want to put something in mine.  Her and the hound have them up, but I was wondering, do you wrap the gifts going into them?  Personally, I'd rather not put in the effort but if it will make things more festive, I guess I could.

I searched the internet for answers to this and it was very mixed.  One point made was that wrapping them extends the gift opening experience, another said you shouldn't because those are from Santa, and others claimed they only use the stockings for decoration and put nothing in them.  I liked what one person mentioned they do, saying that they wrap certain things like DVDs but not socks or candy items, I think I'm going to go with the half and half idea they have.  Do you wrap items that are stocking stuffers?

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