We all have clothes in closets or totes that we haven't worn in years.  Maybe you're like me and it's stuff you think you'll fit in again, and may or may not(and probably won't).  Or something you were gifted years ago that really wasn't tailored to your style or liking.  Donating it is a good way to help out others in our community.  Now is a time when people are especially in need due to working less and possible financial stress from the Covid.  WebMed works hard to help out people with their mental health services, so donating is really helping them help a good cause.

WebMed is hosting a clothing donation and swap event on Friday, August 14th, from 10:00AM-5:00PM.  They encourage you to bring in articles of clothing or accessories to donate or trade.  So if you do want to barter, it's an option.  Get rid of some of those never worn items and have the chance to replace them with something you might actually wear.

They are accepting items for men, women, and kids.  Anything donated that is still available after 5:00PM will then be handed over to WebMed's Room of Requirement to help out community members by supplying basic need items.  It's happening at 925 East Superior Street, Suite #113 in Duluth, MN.  Make sure you wear your mask and practice proper social distancing at the event.

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