While I'm not the biggest gambler, I do enjoy a trip to the casino once in a while.  I had a cancelled Vegas trip in March and those trips are usually a good for a gambling fix for a while.  Since the Covid hit, I've popped into two casinos and it was ok, but the masks on situation and the whole atmosphere made it feel like it wasn't as much of an experience.

I don't usually play bingo in a casino, though it has been fun when I have, and a local brewery has the opportunity to play it there.  Wild State Cider is hosting a free bingo night on Wednesday, August 5th, starting at 7:00PM.  It might not quite be the casino gambling experience but other than the cost of drinks you probably won't leave there with your pockets too empty.

For the free bingo, make sure you arrive a little early to grab a spot as tables are first come, first serve.  You also need to make sure you check in with the host.  The tables are setup on the patio and the event will have some standard social distancing.  Should there be bad weather for the evening, they will update people on their Facebook event page HERE.

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Wild State Cider is located at 2515 West Superior Street in Duluth.  The weather should be perfect for it, so get out and gamble for free and enjoy some cider.

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