Online retailers like to brag about their one or two day shipping times but since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit, those times aren't what they used to be.  More often than not, I'm finding that I will order something that initially promises the faster shipping time and then it changes once it's in the cart or turns into an estimated delivery time that is longer.  Places like that have lots of money already though, so before you do your Black Friday or other shopping for the holidays online, think of the smaller and local businesses around our area.

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They have been hit hard by the pandemic and if you're spending money shopping anyway, why not throw some if it their way.  That money generally stays local, supporting their family and some of that in turn gets spent in our area.

Vintage Hideaway Marketplace is holding a two-day shopping event.  It's Friday, November 7th, and then on actual Small Business Saturday, on the 28th.  The purpose of it being a two-day shopping experience is to help lessen the crowds and help with social distancing to keep people safer.  They will also be featuring outdoor shopping areas too in what they call Holiday Hideaway Huts.

They will have plenty to offer including DIY Christmas greens, self serve cocoa and various treats, a festive Santa photo opportunity, an extra outdoor checkout area, and even a local holiday gift basket drawing.  Vintage Hideaway Marketplace is located at 6024 West Arrowhead Road in Duluth and you can get more information about their hours for the event HERE.

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