While I do like a good beer, I have always preferred whiskey.  Neither of my parents or any relatives that I can think of really drank much whiskey, it's just something I acquired a taste for.  That being said, I'm by no means a tasting snob or expert on the spirit, I just know what I like and that generally is not cheaper whiskey.  Even if it's blended, I prefer a better tier because it to me, tastes better.  To each their own taste wise but I'm still surprised that adults who are past the college age and have decent jobs but still drink Windsor.  I also don't drink enough to care about an extra dollar or two per cocktail to have it taste better.

If you do prefer the taste of better whiskey there is an opportunity coming up to try several brands in a whiskey tasting at The Boat Club Restaurant.  While there is a charge for it, not only will you be able to try several brands but also learn more about them from an expert on hand.

Appetizers will also be included in your $30 ticket and it's this Wednesday, November 28th, starting at 5:30PM.  You need to call 218-727-4880 in advance to reserve your spot to expand your whiskey taste.

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